The happiest places in the World

I’m very picky when it comes to this list. To make it onto my list, i’m looking for this beautiful place to fall into the categories of a happy community, a sense of security and an at home feeling, and overall beauty & charm.  So far, through my travels, I can only secure 3 places safely onto this list.

1. Frankfort, MI

Frankfort, Michigan is a beautiful northern gem. Walking the town, I thought to myself that this was the perfectly charming American town you would see in films. Next to the beautifully old fashioned architectured town, you can find their hilled lake shore along with their two lighthouse bay.

2. Mackinac Island, MI

This lovely island is for people that love the old fashion charm in things. Horse and buggy taxies, boat ferries, and bikes are the only way to travel around here. Unless you take the dare of living up here during the winter months, then you take a small plane to the mainland over the frozen great Lake Huron just to get your groceries! You can read more here.

3. Brighton, UK


My number three is actually my number one! Sadly, I have very few photos of my travels in Brighton, but what I don’t lack is my absolute love for this town. Brighton has such a sense of acceptance and creativity in their community, on top of their beautiful rocky shores and brightly colored pool sheds that line them.

4. Estes Park, Colorado, US

Estes park is located inside a valley of the Rocky Mountain National Park, so you can only imagine the beauty that you can be a hold in this town. This small artistic town is full of some of the most charming and friendly people I have ever met. The community is full of artists, trail seekers, dog lovers, and overall nature lovers.


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